Keeping Life Simple

Something I’ve been learning about is keeping life simple.  It sounds easy, right?  But it’s not.  It doesn’t feel easy when you’re a complicated person like myself.  I realize the mess of a complicated life comes from all the silly rules we apply to ourselves.  We tell ourselves what we must do and the things we have to do, when in fact, we don’t really need to.  There are clear rules in life.  Don’t get me wrong.  In fact, there’s necessary things we need to do for survival, love, and beyond…  Often, our minds get cluttered.  We find ourselves feeling either too ambitious or too chaotic.  Either too desperate or too busy.  We’re all over the place. We’re complicated.

There’s no balance.

In the end, we need to gather our thoughts, concentrate, and focus.  We need to quickly prioritize the things that truly matter.  I think often we spend too much time in our own heads.  We run from one place to another.  We set impractical goals before we even try to carve out time to accomplish them.  I mean- nothing should stop us.  We should never give up being hopeful.  Hope is what keeps us going.  However, we shouldn’t allow our lives to struggle for too long.  We need a break from a complicated life.

I know, as a writer, I struggle.  I have all these big dreams of finishing and publishing novels.  The reality may be this: only a few people may actually read any of the books I write.  That’s not to discourage me or stop me from my dreams.  I can still work on them.  But, I don’t need to be obsessed.  When I finish my novels, I’ll finish them.  I’ll get to that.  I can even set a time every week to work towards that.  My problem is I spend too much time thinking about it than actually having the time to work on it.  I also have other dreams many people have: like traveling the world and accomplishing something great.  I think there’s a deep need in all of us to accomplish something great.  We want to be special, be unique, and have a great purpose in life.  There’s nothing wrong in using our gifts for the greater good and striving for success in life.  However, we can’t be blind from the most important things in life.  That’s what simplicity is all about.

I like to read up on Quakers.  There’s some Quaker beliefs I agree and disagree with.  That’s besides the point.  I just find their history and beliefs interesting.  At one time in life, I was inspired by their testimony on simplicity.  They believed that we should strive for a simple life.  Therefore, we should focus on the things that are most important and focus less on the things that are unimportant.  It’s true.  I really need to consider the things that are more important in life.  And the other things, not so much.  There’s no way I can accomplish everything I set out to do.  We live for only a short time on this planet.

There are some things that are more important than others.  Like, for example: my wife.  Spending time with her, intentional time, and making memories is more important than finishing a book.  Then again, finishing a book is more important to me than saving up money to visit Norway.  If I go to Norway with my wife, which I would, then that is obviously more important than finishing a novel.  That’s just how life works.  We only have so much time.  So, why spend it all in our heads?  Why waste time on things that are unimportant?  Let us focus.  Let us prioritize.

Keep life simple.

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