Legendary: A Journey of Success


“Moses” (c. 1515) by Michelangelo, San Pietro in Vincoli Church in Rome. Photograph provided Carlo Raso. Taken November 15, 2015. No copyright restrictions.

I was thinking about this idea of statues and sculptures.  I stumbled across Michelangelo’s sculpture of “Moses” on Flickr. Like Moses, there were so many great figures throughout history. Many of them had statues made after them and books written about them.  These souls left legends behind.  I was thinking about us, with our generation, living in the year 2017.  Do we live legendary lives?  I’m sure it breaks a few of us to know that we may not be known for anything great, let alone the world may not know anything about us.  The Prophet Moses was certainly a memorable figure in history.  Many of us may feel that we can never compare to Moses.  He has accomplished so many great things.  There is no way I can compare.  I live in a different time.  What’s strange to me about all this is that sculptures and statues of famous figures, of notable figures, of heroic figures, even cruel figures, appear to be less of an occurrence.

Then the thought came to me: what makes someone great?  Moses was only known to be great because of his close relationship with God.  If he wasn’t close to God, if he didn’t rescue the Jews from Egypt, then where would he be now?  Would Michelangelo have still made a statue out of him?  It’s because he left a legacy behind. Moses was close to God and he did accomplish so many things.  What was left behind was a statue.  A legend.

I suppose when we were young, many of us were told we could do anything in life.  No matter what you set your mind to, you can achieve great things.  You can be whoever you want to be.  Many people have gone out and proven to us that this can be done.  For the other people, like myself, adulthood tells you that this cannot be accomplished.  Adulthood tells us success is difficult, too difficult to achieve.  Adulthood tells us the pragmatic results: it hasn’t worked out for us before.  Why even bother?  Despite what your experience tells you, we are all capable of succeeding at any moment in life.  If we are truly determined to learn, grow, and persist at what we do, there should be nothing in this life to stop us.

Success also relies on our objectives.  Why do we do the things we do?  Some of the greatest legendary figures in life are those who did good things for other people.  I admit: some statues were built of people who didn’t do good things.  I suppose we can be known for both the good and evil we do in this world.  But, why not choose to be good?  Even if you do not become a legend to the world, you can still become a legend to people around you.  You can still  become a legend to yourself.  Maybe you will not have a statue built after you…  But why let that stop you from succeeding in life?  Don’t let the past or pressure of the future discourage you from creating legendary accomplishments.

Though you may compare your accomplishments to others, I would advise you not to do that.  We are different people.  What we do is subjective to who we are.  Yes, there will always be someone better at something.  No one can be a better version of yourself than yourself.  Our circumstances pave part of our paths for us, whether we like it or not.  We can definitely overcome them.  Though you may not be the best athlete, the best writer, or the best person on the planet, you can be the best of yourself.  You can strive to be legendary and successful.  You can literally shoot for the stars, but remember to be satisfied with who you are and content where you are in life.

You may be a hidden light from the world.  Don’t worry.  I’m sure the lack of acknowledgement won’t silent for too long.  Someone is bound to congratulate you.  If not, I am terribly sorry.  Because you deserve it.  In the end, is a congratulation what you really want?  Maybe you want something better, something deep and meaningful, maybe something that comes from within: your own sense of satisfaction.  We cannot always earn rewards or expect great outcomes from our work, but we can always fight for a better life.

Every minute, there’s always a chance for us to do good. Every day, we can choose the opportunity to succeed. As long as we are alive, we can impact others and change the world.  First, let us start with ourselves.


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