White Doors

The knob was open higher

and a heart

could never be heavier

than the solid knock–

I am leaping through the air now

and the proxy windows

do not care

because straight ahead

is a cloud of mine

a desire I arrested

for all the trees in this world

cannot stop me

as much as they would try–

and spiral clocks

with songs that beg me,

they would find


on the other side.

She is Sky and Wind

She is one for me

the one passing over mountains

and swimming underneath the sea,

the wind in the sky

is forever bound

by the fogs of grey curtains,

I fall endlessly

into a light

and she catches me

for no gold is found in silver–

but heights,

with blue wings, flying

as both the sun and sky split

for the eternal love

which finds me

and I find it again.

How to Choose Ice

Growing roots in the water

Never seemed so hard

but they were,

and the vases of my dreams

funnel into a floral light

One I could see for my self–

the cold was colder in the heat

the hot was hotter in the cold

If only I could

choose joy above all else

there would be no need for water

nor what it fills

with sand and glass–

moments are forgotten

memories are forever

and the present,

a lifetime of paradise.